Building to Serve is the answer to the question, "Can Grace Church and GCA grow on our current campus?" As Grace Ministries grows, our need to expand and update our facilities grows. We do not want to be limit the impact God can have on our community due to an outdated and inefficient campus.


Several months ago we became aware of some structural issues in our gymnasium. Knowing that, church and school leaders set out to investigate the long-term options for both church and school in regards to location, facilities, and security.

The decision was made to consult with Raymond C. Finger Architects with the task of determining if church and school could occupy the current campus for the foreseeable future while factoring in the projected growth of both ministries.

The answer came back in the form of the master plan presented HERE.

This plan shows the responsible capacity of this campus being able to support 400 students & 80 faculty members at Grace Christian Academy and allow Grace Church to worship in one service with up to 400 people.